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RFID smart warehouse management

Delphine is a solution for the traceability operations’ automatization and acceleration including reception, tracking, outputs and controls.

We use RFID gates based on UHF technology with adapted TAGs to different materials and environments.

The solution allows the reuse of TAGs related to the company’s different workflows, for example, the printed and coded TAG used in production management could be used in the stock management and deliveries control.

Delphine is adjustable to company’s different information systems to ensure the scalability without involving operational working tools.

Delphine uses a wide-range of RFID readers to ensure an almost 100% reading rate. All readers are certified according to national and international standards.

For more effective results, we assist the customer in the study phase to select the appropriate RFID’s TAG to the usage environments.

TAGs materials vary between paper, pvc, ceramic and resin.

For a better definition of the project we do assist our customers in expressing their needs.

This phase will enable us to select the TAGs adapted to different environments and the readers according to the company’s workflows.